007 James Bond Mod Help

Im looking to recreate the effects that the International Spy Museum in D.C. has on display of their Aston Martin DB5. I can wire, and solder, but not to good with programing end. What parts list would you recommend to achieve the following: push a momentary switch that will activate 2 linear actuators that push the headlights down and activate a group of LEDs that flash with the mp3 sound of guns firing. Then everything stops when the button is released. Cheers JB

You will need to select actuators that can deliver enough force and speed to move the headlamps at the speed you want. Quite likely you will be able to identify a heavy duty modeling servo that can do the job. Then you'd need an MP3 player shield, and a transistor to supply power to your LEDs/lamps. Oh, and you'd need the switch, and some DC power supplies. Nothing especially difficult or unusual needed though, as far as I can see.


I know a lot of Spudders fire pneumatic cannons using the air compressor built into their car. You might be able to do something with pneumatic actuators if you need a little more power without taxing the electrical system.