03962A TP4056 dont give output with battery first attact battery


I try to use 03962A TP4056 with NodeMcu

This kit with usb and battery give output to NodeMcu.
When i disconnect usb its conttinue to give and output to NodeMcu
Connect agian continue to charge and give an output .

But when first connect battery it is not give an output to NodeMcu.

I try difrrent Lipo battery 10000mah 2000mah..

Same result.

I use wemos battery shield it works well with the same setup.

Best regards.

I know its a year late but I've found the same on all my versions too. I've had to use a momentary switch between the B- and Out- and that starts it. Not ideal, but as far as I can tell both the grounds need to be separate in order to maintain the protection.