0v - 12v analog output for Peltier cell

I am a newbie, I tried to find some references on this, but I did not find anything… Maybe someone can help me:

I am playing with Peltier cells and Arduino. Instead of only starting/stopping the cell, I would like to be able to control the power of the cell reducing the voltage applied.

I need an output variable from 0v to 12v. I know the analog output on the arduino are 0-5v, and not real analog, but PWM.
Is there a chip out there that I can connect to a PWM pin (and to an external 12v source of course) to make this conversion? I tried to look for DAC, but I need some suggestions for choosing the right one.

Thank you for your help!


you need to raise both the current and voltage levels.

Look for a MOSFET driver diagram. The Arduino will drive the input (gate) side of the MOSFET, and the other side will have a 12V supply and the Peltier junction connected to it.


Thank you for the answer Daniel. ^_^ I will search for the correct MOSFET components for this application and try.

I only have a doubt: Using this method the MOSFET will provide an "amplified" PWM signal to the peltier cell, right? Will this be a problem for the life and efficiency of the cell? I have read that turning on and off again and again those cells, on the long period may damage them. Using a real DAC should be preferred?

Thank you again, and sorry if I am writing stupid things.. Teo