1.0.5 exe installer created two COM ports

I have two absolutely identical Freeduino V1.22 boards, and the installer created a COM port for each one, 5 and 7. Here’s the mystery: Even with the Arduino IDE not running, Windows (7 64bit) consistently enumerates one as COM 5 and the other as COM7. Since the FTDI chips have all markings identical, how is Windows figuring out which Freeduino board is which?? When the IDE is run, it will only allow me to choose the port that Windows has already enumerated. The fix was to use the Device manager (Ports, Port Settings, Advanced…) to rename the COM7 port to COM 5, ignoring the dire warnings that mayhem might ensue. COM 7 is now no longer reporting as “(in use)”.

I just posted this as a preemptive workaround for those having the same experience with the .exe installer. I think that for future IDE updates, I will go back to the .zip install format and configure the COM port myself. Anyone who figures out how Windows uniquely identifies two seemingly identical FTDI chips wins this week’s prize!

Thanks Lewis! I would applaud your wonderfully accurate and complete reply, but it seems that adding to your karma is another thing that this newbie can't figure out! So, not to pester you further, but just what is the Secret Club Handshake on this forum to applaud someone's excellent post?

I am glad the info was helpful.

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