1.0.6 IDE Error with Windows 8.1 & Java(launch4j)

Hey everyone! I just want to ask if there’s a confirmed fix yet for the launch4j error that a lot of people seem to have. I’ve tried a lotta stuff including uninstalling and reinstalling java as well as the Arduino IDE multiple times…

Basically what happens when I execute the Arduino application is it flashes the arduino intro box for like 2mins before giving a box that says Launch4j 'An error occurred while starting the application.

I’m using a SurfacePro tablet to install the IDE. Its windows 8.1 and supposedly its running the latest version of java… Can anyone shed some light on this issue or give a fix? >< Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!!!

https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/installing-arduino-ide/windowsJust check link this might help you to trouble shoot error

Thanks man! But that link was more for troubleshooting the connection of the Uno to a Win8 PC. This one is the IDE cant even open at all =/ my Uno is useless if i cant write any sketches in my comp ><