1.3" oled sh1106 - dead?

I had a 1.3" oled sh1106 display (labeled as SSD1306 on ebay), managed to get it working, even got the 2 pixel offset corrected. However, after removing it from my arduino micro and reattaching it, I can't get it to do anything, no pixels light up, nothing. I even tried different versions of libraries with no luck. The screen just stays completely black.

  1. Have I killed it?
  2. Is there a way to know for sure?


This happened to me with a standard LCD. worked up until i moved it, but It was a shit solder job and I havent gone back to fix it.

are all the pins soldered well?

Yeah, soldering seems ok, I even removed it again and checked the pins to make sure it was wired correctly. I guess I might have shorted something at some point. Oh well.