1.3" TFT Disaplay FPC Conector

So I purchased 6 1.3" TFT LCD displays to use on a project with the ATTiny841. The seller has no idea what connectors to use on these displays. I have looked and ordered many connectors but have to find one that works. They do not fit a .5mm pitch nor a 1.0 mm pitch. I am at my wits end on these. Does anyone have any idea what FPC connector would work for these. I know that they are 12 pin, but the pitch is giving me a hard time, any ideas would be much appreciated. The only reference I have are the numbers printed on the tail of the ribbon: FP-133H01D, they were purchased from Amazon, linked below.

Again any help please.

1.3" TFT LCD Display](https://www.amazoncom/Wondiwe-Color-Display-Screen-ST7789/dp/B08MQ94DXS/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Wondiwe+1.3+Inch+Color+IPS+TFT+LCD+Display+Screen+Board+for+ST7789+12Pin+4+Line+SPI+Port&qid=1633558889&s=electronics&sr=1-1)

Does this help?

How do you think this would help! It's an advertisement for the same display and gives absolutely no information on the specs for the display.

You have then failed to understood the detail of that advertisement. I included it because it has the missing details you asked about.
You wanted the pitch of the FPC connector. It is clear from this that it is 0.7mm:

There are other specification details there as well:

Size: 1.3 inch
Active Area: 23.4*23.4 mm
Module Size: 26.16*29.22 mm
Resolution: 240*240 (Display direction can be adjusted, horizontal screen and vertical screen are OK)
Drive IC: ST7789
Color: Full Color
Viewing Direction: Full viewing angle
Interface: 4-Wire SPI Interface
PIN NO.: 12Pin
Voltage: 3.3V
Working Temp.: -20 ~ 70 degree


Wow, I do apologize in being so fast in judging your reply. I did not see the spec sheet on the page. So I thank you very much for your help. I have been trying for weeks to find an applicable connector for this part and it's been a real headache for me, not to mention all the $ I've spent on various connectors, only to not work. Again I thank you.

Please accept my apology.

OK but anyway you may have difficulty finding something with 0.7mm pitch. An alternative may be to design a footprint for the pcb and solder the cable directly to it.

Yeah you are correct in that sir. I have not been able to find any connectors at that pitch. I contacted a company that makes custom connectors, but even they suggested that I just solder the cable directly. But the project I'm working on was meant to be something that I may have mass produced. So I may have to find a different LCD with a common pitch.

Thanks for the advice.

Do you have any ideas where I might find breakout boards with connectors for these displays? It's kinda crazy that these are for sale all over the place, but there's very little or no supporting hardware for them. Anyway if I can find the connectors in bulk I may design a breakout board and have the PCB's made.

These displays are often surplus stock from the smartphone industry and which have landed in the hobby marketplace. I guess the original end users had a solution such as direct soldering, own special connector etc.
Probably your starting point should be an easier to work with display or is there some specific reason, apart from the few you already have, that you want stay with this display type.

Thank you, I have found a site that does provide connectors with the 0.7mm pitch that I require. I prolly will have to create my own PCB breakout's tho!

Thanks for your help.

No I suppose there is no particular reason to stick with that display. But I do need a small package display, and it needs to be as close to square as possible. Those were bought to serve as a prototype for my product, but I would've purchased an entire lot, if I could find the proper connectors. The product is going to be small and I'll need to design and have produced my own breakout boards specifically to fit the need for the space requirement. But I suppose if my source does not come through I'll just go ahead and solder the connections using a proto-board so I can go ahead with the prototype. Then if all goes well decide on another type of display that fits with more common pitches.

Thanks for the chat.

One question I do have tho, from the spec sheet I see that the measurement is 7.7mm, that extra bit makes me think an 0.8mm pitch may work, what are your thoughts?

0.7mm pitch and 12 pins means 11 gaps between the centers, hence a length of 7.7mm when measured between the centers of the outer pins, as illustrated on that diagram.

You have to draw it out on paper say at a scale 10:1 so 0.7mm is drawn as 7mm to see what happens if you use a connector with a pitch of 0.8mm. The effect would, to a certain extent, be dependent on the width of the individual contacts but, for the 0.8mm connector, you can assume 0.4mm. I guess, quite soon, these would begin to overlap on your 0.7mm pitch cable. Over a very small number of pins it may work for a prototype but definitely not recommended.

You'll also have difficulty soldering to a prototype board. There the pitch will not match your 0.7mm. You'd have to use fine wires between the cable and the board.

My advice is, for the prototype, work with another display. If it really comes to a commercial product, and the cost of the display becomes an issue, then start looking at solutions for integrating lower cost displays in discussion with the PCB manufacturer (who may also populate boards).

In this area I have no direct experience, but other people on this forum have this background, for example @ Paul_KD7HB

Thank you so very much for the enlightened comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to correspond with me.

Hi 6v6gt,

I don't know what name to use when addressing you. Ok so in trying to take your advice, do you have any leads on a color display that is square in shape and between 1-2" and doesn't break the bank? I've been on Alibaba and I find it kinda scary to purchase from them?!?

I spent between $7 and $12 for each unit that I currently have. Since I'm in the palling stage of my build I jumped at the chance to get those at those prices. I prolly should've researched more before I bought, but I'm the kinda guy who goes full blast at anything I do...

Adafruit usually has well supported display modules. Here is an example: Adafruit 1.44 Color TFT LCD Display with MicroSD Card breakout [ST7735R] : ID 2088 : $14.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits .
For experience with manufacturing issues, if it comes so far, I'll tag this user name @Paul_KD7HB

Yep, thank you very much sir.

So, I'm crazy I guess and not sure what I'm thinking, but this is a prototype. I have a great Artillery 3D printer sitting in my lab. I just dl'd a 12 pin .5mm FPC connector model and am printing at this very moment to see how it turns out. I'm in the process of learning just enough of software Blender to do work like this.
Since I was planning on designing and producing my PCB's with Elecrow.com, they'll do small runs for very reasonable prices, and do good work, I'll create print my own style connectors with valleys to hold solder or wire and holes to push small gauge wire through for the pin out of the connector, Anyway, yeah I'll keep in touch if you're interested and let you know how it all goes over the next several weeks.

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