(1) 3W (2)6W light bulb, (1) PIR motion sensor, (1) relay module

Hey guys I'm about to do this project which I have a difficulty with how I would tackle the wiring connections. I only have one PIR sensor and I want to use it for 3 light bulbs (1 3Wso I can turn them to motion sensored lights. I'm only limited to powering both the light bulbs and arduino uno in an outlet. I only have a single relay module (dfrobot DIGITAL 5A RELAY MODULE) as a switch. How should I connect the light bulbs together and how can I power them to a single outlet whilst all of those bulbs still being motion sensored lights?

Sorry I'm quite a beginner
Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I think you are better off just buying ready made solutions, they are cheap. You can search eBay for "PIR Bulb", or "PIR Sensor Switch". The connections seem quite straight forward, so if you are still unsure it could pose a safety risk. Besides you will probably also need to construct housing to contain those components.