1.44 128x128 ILI9163C Display on Mega

Hello, I have the 1.44 128x128 red display and it does not get on the arduino mega to work.

On my nano it works fine but it wont work on my Mega.

I have tried different connection options. On the same ports as on the nano, on the SPI Ports ect.

On the Mega i use a logic shifter to set the 5v to 3.3v, the background led has the same resistors that i use on the nano.
The display is okay, when i put it back on the "nano" breadboard it works, to nothing is broken.

Uses someone the display on the mega and can show me how to wire and how to modify the samples?

Most of these 128x128 displays will only work with 3.3V logic. The Ebay descriptions will say anything. It does not mean that it is true.

Add potential dividers, series resistors, level shifter chips, ... to create 3.3V signals.
And the display will work fine.

If you have already connected to 5V, you might have damaged the display.

Life is much simpler with a 3.3V Pro Mini.


Hi David,
i use a logic shifter to convert the 5v signals to 3.3v.
The display is fine, i can connect it to the nano and it works.

I need the mega because i need a lot of digital and analog pins.

Well, your logic shifter will work on the Mega too.

Remember that the RESET pin needs 3.3V logic too.

Quite honestly, an SPI display is not greedy with pins. Surely a Uno / Nano has got enough pins. Depending on your library, the Mega may not be supported.