1.44 128x128 TFT ILI9163 working fine with 2 sets of driver & libs but . . . .

Hi all.

I have been playing with a 1.44" 128x128 TFT ILI9163 (Black PCB) display for a week. I have it working under a couple of different graphics libraries and drivers but I have a strange issue with one of them.

Hardware: 1.44 128x128 TFT ILI9163 display screen ebay link

Setup 1

Driver & Graphics Library: Libraries, Driver & Scratch

This is built on work done by Paul Kourany and his Multi Font GFX Library (mfGFX Library) on github Here which in turn is a fork of the Adafruit GFX library.

The result . . .

All good!

Setup 2

Driver: TFT_ILI9163C Driver Library by Sumotoy Graphics Library: Adafruit-GFX-Library

This is the thread by Sumotoy that explains it all Sumotoy ILI9163C driver

The result . . . . .


errrr sort of reset

the top part of the screen has not been cleared from the previous project code

still the same

now its clear. As this write to the screen starts from the bottom, it looks like the top got erased for that reason.

this time the top area is written to with new display data. Again the write to the screen starts from the bottom.

the top area of the screen is still showing the previous write. This time the write is from the top of the screen.

So it looks like my 'Setup 2' is not referencing the top screen co-ordinates correctly.

In Sumotoys first comment about this display he says . . 'The maker of those display's (a chinese for sure) forgot to set the hardware addressing for fix the memory map to a certain resolution (in this case 128 x 128) and leaved at 128 * 160 so this display showed big pixel addressing problems that fortunatly I fixed after a couple of days over the damn clumsy datasheet'

If this is relevent or not I do not know as he says he has sorted it. I have also checked that the library is setup for the black display and not the red one.

I have only been playing with Audrino for a couple of weeks so it may be that I have just missunderstood something but all and any help with this problem would be very much appreciated.

Regards, Paul

Board: Arduino UNO


sck - pin 13 reset - pin 9 sda - pin 11 cs - pin 8 A0 (DC) - pin 10 GND - GND VCC - VCC LED - 3.3v

Code setup

define __CS 8

define __DC 10

define __RST 9

Hello. Same problem for me, did you find a solution ? Thank you.

I'm missing the "application.h" file that's included in the "Adafruit_mfGFX.h" and "font.h" files. Where can I get it?

Could you please share how you wired the LCD to the Arduino?

I have one but it's a 3.3V device so I'm assuming you went through a voltage shifter?

I have just downloaded the libraries and note the graphicstest does not define __RST at all. I've triple checked the connections on the 'UNO' and they are as specified but the screen is all white. Sadly my old oscilloscope has given up the ghost so I can't check the waveforms.

You do not say WHICH library you are using.

Most have constructors that allow you to specify the RESET pin. Generally, it is the last (optional) argument. The examples often use the short form of constructor.

I would advise that you ALWAYS use the full constructor and specify the RESET pin. The alternative is to hard-wire the RESET pin to 3.3V via a 10k pullup resistor.