1.44'' LCD Color TFT module only show picture when press reset (KMR1441_SPI_V2)


I have Arduino UNO and 1.44’’ LCD Color TFT module.
I try with Adafruit ST 7735 expample program. (graphicstest or rotationtest from Adafruit_ST7735_Library).
On LCD only seeing white blank screen, when i press reset on Arduino board show last picture.
Youtube link: Link
I tried with ILI driver, same issue. (TFT_ILI9163C-master)

What make i wrong?

(Sorry for my bad english)

Your link shows your 5V Uno connected to the 3.3V display.

The first step is to protect the 3.3V controller e.g. level shifter chips or resistors.
Alternatively, use a 3.3V Arduino like Zero, Due, ...

Normally these 1.44 inch displays use ST7735S, ILI9163C, S6D02A1
However every manufacturer makes these 132x162 SPI controllers.

The initialisation commands vary slightly. But the operational commands are almost identical.


Thank You!

This is the solution.
I put everi SPI line 10K resistor and work correctly.