1.5.8 BETA fatal error cannot open after download.

I downloaded 1.5.8 BETA and then tried to run it. All I get is a message " Could not load due to fatal error. ".

I already had 1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.0.5r2, and 1.0.6 loaded on my computer and they were all working just fine.

Now all my Arduino IDE's will not load and all I get is the error message.

I then deleted 1.5.8 BETA and re-installed 1.0.6 with no success.

Well things are back to normal after multiple Arduino downloads and computer restarts(Windows 7 Professional). Still have no idea what happened.

Definitely won't try downloading 1.5.8 BETA again.

But her's my problem. In order to use my Digispark Pro it specifies that I need Arduino IDE 1.5.x BETA or better.

So, any suggestions.