1.5v to 5v step up converter.


I'm going to be using the converter list below. How do I calculate the power that is going to be lost... if my 1.5v batterie is 2000mah how much mah will there be left when stepped up to 5v?


You didn't list a converter, but one might guess that it operates at 80% efficiency. If so, 2000 mAh at 1.5 V = 3 watt-hours input, would result in 2.4 watt-hours output, or about 480 mAh @ 5V.

You can't calculate it as they haven't provided specs... 80% is unlikely for such a
tiny little converter at 4x boost, expect perhaps 60% efficiency at full power (note
this can only provide upto 100mA at 5V).

And your battery won't be 2000mAh probably as that's the manufacturer's
FUD, assuming a 10hour discharge rate at the optimum temperature immediately
after overcharging... Call it 1200mAh and then you'll get a more realistic figure
for its performance after a few dozen charge/discharge cycles.