1.6.10 libraries showing as updateable after being updated

What the name says. Basically, I update a library , and it stays on the list of updateable libraries. I have tried restarting the IDE.

What do you have selected in the Tools > Board menu?

Which library does this happen with?

Servo and FreeRTOS
And it only happens when I have the STM32 Nucleo F103R selected.

Please post a link to where you got the installation for the STM32 Nucleo F103R board. I think I know what causes this issue and how to fix it and I'll see if I can submit a pull request to get it solved in the next release if it's not already fixed.

This issue is caused when a core's bundled libraries have the same name as the ones included with the Arduino IDE. This causes Library Manager to get confused. This makes less sense for for the FreeRTOS library because that one isn't included with the Arduino IDE. Try this:

  • Tools > Board > STM32 Nucleo F103R
  • File > Examples > Servo > click on any example
  • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder - you will be in the Servo/examples/{example name} folder.
  • Change to the Servo folder
  • Open the file library.properties with a text editor.
  • Change the line:



Repeat the process for FreeRTOS


Ok, I tried it and had the same issue. Unfortunately the fix is not quite as simple as my previous instructions because the libraries don’t have examples and don’t already include library.properties files. I created some for you and attached them to this message. So here’s the updated instructions:

  • Download the attachments
  • Open the folder {sketchbook folder}/hardware/Arduino_STM32/STM32F1/libraries/Servo - you can find the location of your sketchbook folder at File > Preferences > Sketchbook location
  • Move the downloaded file library.properties.Servo.txt to the Servo folder
  • Rename library.properties.Servo.txt to library.properties
  • Open the folder {sketchbook folder}/hardware/Arduino_STM32/STM32F1/libraries/FreeRTOS
  • Move the downloaded file library.properties.FreeRTOS.txt to the Servo folder
  • Rename library.properties.FreeRTOS.txt to library.properties.

library.properties.FreeRTOS.txt (184 Bytes)

library.properties.Servo.txt (190 Bytes)

Wow! It worked!
Thanks for the help. I vote this is made a sticky.

Glad to hear! I have submitted a report of this issue to the Arduino_STM32 repository: Always updatable libraries in Arduino IDE 1.6.10 · Issue #196 · rogerclarkmelbourne/Arduino_STM32 · GitHub

It turns out that the FreeRTOS issue is a new bug introduced in Arduino IDE 1.6.10 only. The Servo issue has existed since the introduction of Library Manager. I have tried to make the Arduino developers aware of this bug in the past but was ignored and it's easy enough for the library authors to fix the issue on their end by creating an unique name value in library.properties so I don't think I'm going to bother reporting the bug to the Arduino developers, I'd rather they spend the time working on more serious bugs and enhancements.