I just downloaded and installed the new version of IDE 1.6.13.

When the program installed

It deleted all of my sketches, drivers libraries EveryThing.

I just lost hundreds of hours of work. Please tell me that there is a way I can get this back!!!!

It is not in the Recycle Bin



I have successfully used a program called winundelete in the past. The less work you have done on your machine after the update the better the chances of getting your work back.

I also lost some modified libraries as I had not backed them up. It is better to put your sketches in another folder rather than the arduino program folder. That way they are preserved during updates.

Good luck.


I have installed and updated the Arduino IDE dozens of times across 6+ systems.

On no occasion has it touched the sketchbook folder ( Documents/Arduino/ ). Where did you have the files you say it removed?

The installed completely removed everything from the Arduino directly including the Sketch sub directory.

Is there a way I can download the program currently on my arduino using IDE??


Your answer about where the files were tells us nothing, because there is an Arduino folder in My Documents (your sketchbook folder), and an Arduino folder under program files (where the IDE is installed to) - are you talking about the Arduino folder inside My Documents? That should never be erased by the installer.
Or are you talking about the Arduino folder inside Program Files? That is overwritten when you install a new version, but you should not have been storing your sketches there in the first place (doing anything to the files in Program Files/Arduino is unnecessary except in exotic situations - I think modern versions of windows make it hard to even save/modify files there, in an effort to protect people from damaging their programs or saving files in inappropriate locations - I haven't checked how this behaves on modern versions of windows).

Unless you had the files in Program Files/Arduino, it makes no sense that the files were deleted.

Is there a way I can download the program currently on my arduino using IDE??

Not with the IDE. You can get the .hex file out with avrdude from the command line, but that won't get you code that you can edit, just a .hex file you can upload to other arduinos. Only the compiled binary is stored on the arduino.

When I installed the Arduino software, I installed in of "D" drive in a subdrive called "1KlosterEnvironmental".

My computer was originally setup by Dell and Dell tends to make "C" drive real small (about 80 gigi-bytes). The intent is to run only the operating system on "C" drive. "My documents" and the Programs directory of course are on "C" drive but the drive is way to small to put much there.

The "D" drive on my computer on the other hand is a 1 Terra byte drive. That is where I install all of my software and keep all of my documents. The "1" in the front of the directory name of course places the sub-directory at the top of the heap (easy to find).

Now when I originally installed IDE, it was the 1.6.12 version and it was installed in a sub-directory of "1KlosterEnvironmental" In a sub-directory called Arduino. The "Sketch" sub-directory was inside of the Arduino sub-directory and was placed there during the software installation. When IDE 1.6.13 was installed, the entire "Arduino sub-directory was deleted and replaced with a new sub-directory called "Arduino-1.6.13. The new has no Sketch sub-directory in it. In fact there is no "Sketch sub-directory anywhere on the computer.

I guarantee the when I create a new "Sketch" sub-directory it will not be in any sub-directory that has the name "Arduino" in it.

I have tried Winundelete and Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery and neither have found anything.

Unfortunately, I had sub-directories within the Arduino sub-directory containing all of my Auto-Cad drawings, receipts, packing slips, component specification documents and of course my own personnel notes there as well.

I know better than to allow my data to be in one place and not frequently backed up. I just got sloppy and I paid the price..


When you use the Windows installer to install a new version of the Arduino IDE it will delete the previously installed version of the IDE and all other files saved in the IDE installation folder. This is why you should never put any of your files in that folder. You should always install your custom libraries in the {sketchbook folder}\libraries folder and of course the sketchbook folder should not be located inside the Arduino IDE installation folder. It is also convenient to store your sketches in the sketchbook folder so that they will appear in the File > Sketchbook menu.

a new sub-directory called "Arduino-1.6.13

Usually the installer creates a folder named Arduino and the arduino-1.6.13 folder would indicate you used the "Windows ZIP file for non admin install" instead, which should not remove anything. Which installation technique did you use?

If the setting of File > Preferences > Sketchbook location was somehow changed during the installation this might make it appear that your sketchbook was lost when really it's still at the original location. Have you checked that?