1.6.3 (well above 1.0.5) will not see TeeOnArdu

New to arduino - so description may be a little off & based on current understanding - sorry in advance. Corrections &/or questions appreciated. . Adafruit forum lead me here (http://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=72316) . Bought Adafruit HELLA = trellis controllers + leonardo + teeOnArdu + MIDI from teensy libraries = MIDI device. Win7 PC . Can talk to the Leonardo. Can run the trellis tests - all led & buttons functional, no obviosu hardware or connectivity issues. . Problem: TeeOnArdu files copied, but not seen by Arduino 1.6.3 - does not appear on Tools>Boards list . File>Preferences & preferences.txt confirm sketchbook is C:\Users\Spark\Documents\Arduino . Created hardware directory (in C:\Users\Spark\Documents\Arduino). Copied TeeOnArdu files into hardware directory . Arduino IDE 1.0.5 sees them, no problem, but does not like the teensy libraries. - not an option to continue with the older IDE. Teensyduino splash screen does say "for Arduino 1.06,1.6.1, 1.6.1-j7, 1.6.2 1.6.3" so I guess I am not so surprised. . The adafruit forum came up with the obvious answer: put things in the right place. Seems that if 1.0.5 finds the "hardware" & adds TeeOnArdu to the Tools?Boards list - then it's probably in the right place. . It has to be something obvious. Cannot see the mistake. . C:\Users\Spark\Documents\Arduino holds

hardware libraries Toys UNTZtrument_Hello_World . C:\Users\Spark\Documents\Arduino\hardware holds

TeeOnArdu . C:\Users\Spark\Documents\Arduino\hardware\TeeOnArdu holds

bootloaders cores Examples boards.txt . Adafruit confirm that they have been unable to reproduce the problem. . Obviously while prospecting for an IDE version that works, I've re-installed, (uninstall+new install) repeatedly. Seems the sketchbook contents are not deleted each time, but, well, they have not changed. . Anyone see the problem? Can someone point me to the method used to detect "hardware", so I can go through & check each thing off? Is there a start-up log file? Any other suggestions?

Might want to go through this and make sure your core is in the right structure for 1.6.x:


As per instructions on https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/wiki/Arduino-Hardware-Cores-migration-guide-from-1.0-to-1.6 as you suggested.

I've added the avr layer directory & shifted everything down & tools>Boards now includes the TeeOnArdu . Not sure if I am out of the water, but definitely a step forward. Many thanks.

The IDE now lists TeeOnArdu, but nothing works. This has multiplied the errors. All links I find to Error while uploading: missing 'recipe.cpp.o.pattern' configuration parameter lead to an example upgrade path from 1.? to 1.6.x that seems to say nothing about that error. . A massive upgrade of the files defining TeeOnArdu seems to be necessary. Suggestions lead to platform.txt - of which there is none, of course.

Hi nanren888,

Thanks for your initial post.

I spent the last few hours trying to the teeOnArdu files work. The old Arduino 1.0.5 is very hard to combine with older teensyduino versions. Teensyduino just doesn't really want to install if not combined with a specific IDE version(which makes sense in a way).

What I did to make it work is to place the files in the initial teeOnArdu folder inside a folder called AVR.

So the structure becomes myDocuments->Arduino->Hardware->TeeOnArdu->AVR->(files).

Simply put, just add a folder called AVR in the teeOnArdu folder and drag all the other files there.

I really hope this helps.