1.6.6 Hourly Build 2015/06/29 03:45 upload problem


I'm completely new to Arduino and its environment, and installed the latest build earlier today when my clone UNO arrived in the post.

When I try to upload any of the sample sketches, I get error messages something like this:

avrdude: Device signature = 0x1e950f
avrdude: reading input file "C:\Users\Neil\AppData\Local\Temp\build1367562215048962943.tmp/sketch_jun29a.cpp.hex"
avrdude: can't open input file C:\Users\Neil\AppData\Local\Temp\build1367562215048962943.tmp/sketch_jun29a.cpp.hex: No such file or directory
avrdude: read from file 'C:\Users\Neil\AppData\Local\Temp\build1367562215048962943.tmp/sketch_jun29a.cpp.hex' failed

If I go to the .tmp directory in question, I see that there is a subdirectory called 'sketch' that contains the 'missing' hex file. If I copy that file directly into the .tmp directory and then rerun the upload, it works (my copy, rather than the newly compiled one) is uploaded without any problems.

Evidently, the path to the hex file is incorrect and the subdirectory 'sketch' is missing, but I can't see any way to change it in the preferences. Is there a way?

As it happens, I also downloaded a previous build a week ago, and I installed it after seeing this problem. I tried the same test, and everything seems to work OK without my copying trick.

Is this just a bug with the latest build, or am I doing something monumentally stupid (which probably wouldn't be the first time)?

Many thanks


Go back to the old version, I suspect that's a bug in the hourly; they seem to keep mucking around with that.

Don't use the hourly builds if you're new to Arduino - only use them if you are experienced enough with Arduino to know whether a problem you see is an IDE problem and debug it.

I second DrAzzy: don't use the hourly unless you have a strong reasons.
As for the bug, it was fixed yesterday

Many thanks for your replies.

Truth be told I got a bit trigger happy and just clicked on the first download link I saw, rather than deliberately downloading an 'hourly'.

I now have the correct version, which works fine it seems.

Thanks again