1.6.6. real release announced

The announcement refers to this particular forum so hopefully I can get a real answer here.

  1. Does 1.6.6. core supports "printf"? ( No need to modify whatever... )
  2. Is the "highlight bracketed code block " feature of 1.6.5 and dropped in 1.6.6 ( nightly releases) "new " editor back?
  3. Is Windows registry modified / updated / used in 1.6.6? It seem to contain useless stuff in 1.6.6 nightly releases.
  4. Is the constantly "new library available" dialog now with option " do not show anymore"?

And to be clear - do developers , not forum administrators - read this subforum?

PS Yes, I am fully capable to just download the 1.6.6. and check this by myself, but not looking forward to it.