1.6.6 Windows 7Pro x64 compile time exponentially slows!

So I have noticed while 1.0 doesn't exhibit this problem, 1.6.6 does. After PC turn on and open Arduino 1.6.6, I usually get about ten compiles or so with my code of about 250 actual lines or so, then after a certain amount of compiles, they start to compile seemingly exponentially slower with every succeeding compile. This goes from about 1 minute to over 20 minutes per compile!
It's maybe an easy fix, but really annoying having to reboot after 15 or so compiles just to keep the compile times down to reasonable.

Windoze 7Pro x64 bit 4GB RAM Q9650 @ 3.4GHz Asus P5N-D.
Arduino 1.6.6 compiling to Pro mini 328@16MHz 5V

Any suggestions so I dont have to reboot EVERY DAY or Twice Daily?!