1.8.1 IDE setup installation options page shows empty

When I ran the IDE 1.8.1 exe for Windows and follow the setup wizard, after accepting the license agreement, the next page for installation options shows empty list, as result of my installation runs infinite loop and nothing was installed. My PC environment is Windows 10 64 bit OS. Please refer to attached screenshot for details.


You could get around the installation issue by using the "Windows ZIP file for non admin install" download.

Hi Pert,

Thanks for your suggestion. But due to my driver installation also failed on my Win 10 PC, I was hoping using IDE installation can have a different result. Already tried uninstall driver from device manager and manually load driver from the windows zip file, and it doesn't work.

Often driver issues are caused by using a clone Arduino board that has the CH340 USB-serial chip, which is not supported by the drivers included with the Arduino IDE and thus requires you to download and install the correct driver separately. We would need either to know which chip is used on your Arduino or a link to where you bought it from.

Gotta be a little more careful about the links Pert…

Seen some adds that use the stock pics and I know they supply clones.

I got caught on that one elsewhere.


Thank you all for your comment and support.

I solved this issue by re-installed the Win 10 using the repair option, and problem disappeared. I guess some windows core components were damage during my original installation causing this issue. I'm glad it's an easy.

Again, appreciated your help!

Have a nice day. :)