1/8" 3-Pole Cable for Sensors?

I want to build out a bunch of sensors that are easily plug and play (simliar to this link piezo reference link so I can quickly iterate on projects. Initial idea is make a few. piezo sensors, flex sensors, ribbon piezos, etc.

My idea is to create a bunch of 1/8" pluggable sensors with 3-pole 1/8" audio cables. Also, I want the ability to have length like 15" cables. Will this diagram work? 1/8" cables are just cables right? nothing specific to audio for them? Note: I want to do analogRead() with these NOT digital.
Thanks for any help on this!

I believe the only limitation you would have is if the sensor operation is somehow sensitive to wire length.

I've done something like this in the past (not audio cable/connectors) and found it less that useful.
In the end I have 3 wire screw terminals for sensors that change a lot.

I would suggest a different connector though. The miniature 1/8" audio plugs are difficult to wire. That is unless you are cannibalizing prewired plugs and sockets.

Beware of the 1/8" jacks that short the plug connections as they are inserted.

Thanks for all the help. Here was the solution I went with. See below:

this solution includes:

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