1.8.5 - No support for Windows 7?

Noticed that 1.8.5 states "Windows app Requires Win 8.1 or 10." Does this literally mean it will not run or earlier versions of Windows, specifically Windows 7 (which Microsoft will be supporting till at least January 14, 2020), or that the development team just doesn't have the resources to test older versions?

While there may be a commonality argument for supporting Windows 8.1 along with Windows 10, from a market share point of view, Windows 7 dominates Windows 8/8.1 in every survey I've seen.

I personally have Windows 2000, XP, Vista (not active), 7, and 10 machines for both historical and technical reasons (supporting customers trapped by expensive legacy hardware and/or software). I'm not keen on upgrading the Windows 7 machine on my electronics bench just for a new IDE for a $20 part.

Is there an official statement somewhere explaining this decision and the suggested migration path?


No idea about official statements but I do know 1.8.5 (via standard download NOT Windows App Store) seems to be working very well on my Win 7 laptop.


Same here. 1.8.5 on Windows 7 Pro runs fine. I don't run the installed version. I have the .zip file unzipped into c:\arduino 1.8.5 and run the .exe from there. https://www.arduino.cc/download_handler.php?f=/arduino-1.8.5-windows.zip

The Windows Store version of the IDE requires Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

The normal version of the IDE does not - click the “Windows Installer” (recommended, as this also installs drivers for you) or “Windows Zip File” links, not the “Windows App” one.

Even if you do have access to a win 8-10 machine the APP is not the best choice and has been shown to be a little flaky.

Either the INSTALLED or the ZIPPED version work fine as already mentioned.

As the program itself moves more to JAVA you may find some of your really old hardware showing signs of age with not being able to fully support newer JAVA but for the most part you will be fine on XP or above.

So the bottom line is that the "non-support" is the Windows Store, not the actual developers? That makes sense from Microsoft's perspective, since they want everybody to move to Windows 10 and have even press-ganged Intel and AMD by dropping support for Windows 7 on newer models of both vendors' processors.

Didn't make sense to me from Arduino's "maker" viewpoint unless being a part of Microsoft's closed universe was worth more than anything else in the recent internal power struggles and associated drama. Guess I'll try a careful upgrade while Windows 7 and Java are still supported on my lowly AMD Phenom II X4 970s and Intel i7-6700K.

P.S. I have a Windows 10 laptop. Great for reproducing customer issues and OK for checking the weather forecast at breakfast. Real work gets done on Windows 7, various flavors of Linux, or Free-BSD.

My guess is that they arduino added support for Windows Store version because there was some class of institutional user that needed windows store apps due to security policies or ease-of-deployment issues, not because they were gung-ho about microsoft’s windows store.

Windows Store is only on 8.1 and 10 - you’re not missing anything though. The “Windows Modern” apps/store/etc went over like a lead balloon.But as is par for the course, Microsoft’s response has been to get out a stick with which to ram the new version down our throats.

Arduino seems to be pretty good about maintaining support for old OS’s. It still runs on XP (it didn’t for a bunch of 1.6.x versions, but since 1.8.3 it works again)