1.8 inch TFT Full Color 128x160


Has any worked with this module???

Are they 5 Volt or 3.3 Volt?

Good question. No info from seller. Email seller and ask!

I have done this, and I ma waiting an answer. Until I get response is there any other way to find out the operating voltage??

Ebay sellers are usually answering quite fast but they are sales people, selling electronics they same way as they would sell potatoes..... Askng them for data, manuals, are mostly useless. They sell, they don't provde solutions.

Can You drop that idea and go for stuff thats shows the data?

You can tell a lot by looking up the driver IC, in this case ST7735. Some boards have 5V-3.3V translators on them, but I thing this one is too small and cheap for that. It's probably a 3.3V module. The IC itself has an absolute maximum Vdd of 4.6V.

I have one, I've been too busy to test it!

Hello, This is the back of the TFT module, I do not see any level shifter, so I assume it is 3,3 Volt, right???

I just tested with 1k resistors to the pins as this guy here : Arduino ST7735 1.8" TFT display example - Simple Projects proposed, nothing works. I removed the resistors, again nothing worked. Just a white screen… I think, that I bought another rubbish…

There’s allota ways programming to an LCD can go wrong, have you succeeded before with other SPI displays?

Why not show us the code you find not working?

I got a few random displays of several types and it was, um, challenging to get them working. Now each has a minimum test program associated with it I can use as a starting point.

I have found the really cheap displays to function, but seem clearly to be factory seconds, like the OLED I had that aged out waaay too soon. And the touch screen that needed more than a touch alla time.


Why buy an undocumented display?