1.8 LCD SPI 128x160 TFT Module Problem

Greetings, everyone! This is my first topic in the Arduino forum. I still consider myself a beginner in the world of electronics and embedded systems. I have a task to import some codes from a Nokia display to this 1.8 LCD SPI 128x160 TFT display (ST7735). Here is how they look like:

The problem is I can't initialize the display. I read a lot and I found out about libraries. I tried the already built-in TFT library, the Adafruit library, the QDTech library and most of the libraries out there. I can't get the displays to work properly. This is the best I have achieved. I managed to display some text but still doesn't work well. You can see it only at an angle, otherwise it is white.

I can't see where the problem is. I wire the display to the Arduino Uno through a breadboard. I wire it so that the pins are the same as the ones declared in the library.
Any suggestions, ideas or solutions would be much much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Maybe the ucglib tutorial helps:


You need series resistors in the logic lines. The display is designed to work with 3.3V logic levels whereas an UNO provides 5V signals.

The simplest way to prevent overloading the driver chip in the display is to wire with 1K2 series resistors as described at the beginning of Step 1 of this Instructable.

I have the same TFT and same "white" issue. I assume that tft is broken.

Finally runned with UTFT & Adafruit QDTech libraries. It is working! I see clock, font, digits ets as on examples on youtube, but what are hell with "white illness". I see too, only at an angle, otherwise it is white.

I have tried to correct colors in the Adafruit QDTech: invert white to black - nothing help. So, I assume again as some quantity of broken TFT display was sold. There is something with polarized layers.

I got identical display as on photos by NikolayNK.

Oh.... maybe this is "pos"

May be a dead thread but have you used inline resistors for the signal lines?