1.8" Serial 128X160 SPI TFT LCD Module Display

1.8" Serial 128X160 SPI TFT LCD Module Display

i cant get the code to work with my arduino i have tried 3 different downloads and no joy does anybody have a code that they have go to work

A Nooby

No chance without knowing the particular chip that display has.

Can you provide a link to the datasheet or some identifying details for the display? (there are literally dozens of TFT driver chips out there, all different).

The latest adafruit's driver and graphic library work fine.. http://learn.adafruit.com/1-8-tft-display

What is the model number? If you bought it from ebay, can you atleast link us the listing? Do you have a data sheet? And when you say you can't get it to work, could you describe in detail what you did and what exactly doesn't work? If it works now, can you atleast tell what you did for it to start working?