1.8 SPI TFT from ebay - graphics without using SD card?

I have made an timer using a Nokia 5110 display, and now I want to change the display to a better display. I have bought a cheap HY-1.8 SPI display from ebay. It's a nice display, but there is some problems I can't find the answer to myself.

Is it possible to show a bmp, or some other kind of picture without using the SD card? I'm using the Adafruit library. I want a boot image and 3 logos.

I also want to know if there is a way to use an other font, without a SD card? I only need numbers from 0 to 9, no letters.

I have limited space in the arduino, I know this, but the sketch I'm going to use is quite small.

Please help me!

The display is 128x160 so that's 20480 pixels. It doesn't say how many bits per pixel. If we assume something tiny like 4 bits per color that's 12 bits per pixel. 245760 bits or 30720 bytes. If you have 31000 bytes of FLASH to spare you should be able to store your image in FLASH.

If it's 8 bits per color (24 per pixel) you'll need twice as much FLASH to store an image: 61440 bytes.

I only need monochrome graphics, would that require less bytes? I found a way to make the bootscreen without a image.

How do I put the graphics/logos/pictograms into the Uno? I only have a few months experience with Arduino, and a lot less experience with displays, and no experience with the HY-1.8 SPI display.

I also want a way to manage to make some nicer numbers to show the counting.

I know I could find better displays with an easier approach to handeling graphics, but for me, a few $$ is to much...

Next is a way to convert the sketch from the nokia display to the HY-1.8 SPI display... I love a challenge but i think this is a bit to much for me at my current programming ability... Wish me luck!