1.8" TFT not turning on


I am trying to make the 1.8" TFT work, but its not turning on. I am using the example of the Adafruit library so im pretty sure the code is fine. It probably is the connection, but I dont know what wrong.

I connect Vcc to 5V. Connected all the pins (except GND) to 3.3 V. Connected GND to GND. The screen is new, so its not that probably.

Thats a picture of the connection. Its very messy so Idk if it will be of help.

Thank you.

As title says, the screen is white. Already followed some YT guide about using the TFT library, and finding some driver. In my case there are 0 unkown drivers, so thats not the problem. I am using Arduino UNO.

I already checked the connections. All semms good. Though I am not sure about the VCC and BL pins. I have tried connecting VCC and BL to 3,33V and 5V in every possible combination. Still no result.

Thank you.

EDIT: Now the screen looks blurry after putting 1k resistors between some of the I/O pins. Still no clear image though.

Hi Macoleco,

Can you please tell us more: type of display, resolution (128 x ????), controller chip. Then we can assist you
also a picture of the display that clearly shows the pins and pin designations.

A 'Hello World!" sketch would also be very informative.

---> It is not a very good idea to connect all pins of the display to 3.3V while Vcc of the display to 5V. The Arduino is a 5 V device while the display might be a strictly 3.3V display. Looks like a SPI device.

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