1.8TFT + SD : Noise on screen during SD access

Hi. I’ve bought the very same shield than the one in the picture given attached (unfortunatly I don’t have the schematic).

I’ve connected it to an 5V Arduino Pro Mini. All the pins of the shield are directly connected to the pins of the Arduino.

I’ve got the following trouble. When there are SD accesses I’ve got noise on the screen. Anybody could have an idea why ? It seems to me that for the SD there are 1k resistors (marked 102) beetween Arduino and SD. Do I have to add some beetween Arduino and TFT ?

Rmk : As the SMD component next to J1 seems to be a 3.3V CMOS Voltage regulator (marked 65Z5) and as I provide 5V as VCC, I’ve kept J1 open.

Capture TFT.JPG

Still trying to trouble shoot my problem. It appears that when my Arduino Pro Mini is powered with 5V from my computer using USB everything is Ok. When I power my Arduino Pro Mini with 5,4V on RAW pin I've got some flickering on screen during SD access. Anyone with an idea about what is the problem ?

Even though you don't seem to have trouble when connected through USB, you haven't told how you wired the board (it's not a shield).

Tell us how you wired it, and do not point to an on line manual telling us "like this". You might have made some mistake, or that manual could be incorrect. So please tell how it's wired and / or show a clear photo of that wiring.