1.95 YMZ284 software conrolled synth IC

I'm wondering if this has any potential as a shield; thought I'd throw it out here and see what anybody thinks. If it's -relatively- easy to implement it'd make a fun software controlled synth shield.

I build synths and stuff, so the hardware part's no problem; I have a couple of custom shields now, but the setup of this IC in particular is, um, a little advanced por moi.

Without further ado:



This was used in several early 'sound design' products. Ultimately I'd like to drive it from sensor data via the 'duino.

Anyway, any and all input is appreciated. cheers, \greg

It looks very interesting but are you sure that you can buy them in small quantities?

electronics goldmine has them for 1.95 if I recall. I bought a bag just in case, as they're so cheap.

I made a YMZ284 shield. I used a $1 1Mhz crystal oscillator for the YMZ284 clock that I also got from Electronics Goldmine.

I used 8 digital Arduino pins for address/data, and 2 more digital pins for A0 and /WR.

This chip is a workalike of the popular AY8910 and an cheap and easy way to get synth ability on an Arduino.

Hi! Sounds great on the shield, just getting back to these chips. How'd you decide to do the wiring? I also have a few SN 'complex sound generator' ICs, some bucket-brigade delays, and a few top-octave generators... but the first step would be controlling these synth chips; did the 8 bit data bus go straight into the arduino digital pins? Anyway, GREAT work! I'd love to put together a similar shield but I have lingering questions about the wiring. Just got a boarduino mounted to a breadboard, so things are easier that way.

Duh, just reread your post. SO SWEET!

*scuttles off to rig up a synth shield...

Thanks, again! If you feel at all like sharing anything like a bit of code, otherwise it'll be worth it for me to learn from re-inventing the wheel I suppose.



I guess I’ll add this here, just want to keep track of this stuff in one place.