1 Chanel 5V relay module with JD-VCC

For 2+ channel 5V relay module, there is normally a jumper offering an option to connect an external power for the relay coil through JD-VCC.

I cannot find a 1-channel 5V relay with external JD-VCC option. Is there any 1-channel 5V relay module with this option? If not, is there a specific reason?

The 2 pack is only $8. Also, I guess I'm wondering why a relay needs more power for higher power loads. I'm guessing you need the JD-VCC because the load is stressing the 5v supply. That's the only way the load can impact the current level through the coil. Otherwise, it's not needed. Right?

I don’t mind to use a 2-channel, im curious why there isn’t one for 1-channel.

I need an external 5v for the coil because my gpio is running at 3.3v.

A common single 5volt relay module with opto couplers can be powered with 5volt and controlled with 3.3volt logic.
Because the opto LED and indicator LED in series with the relay input drop that 5volt to a value <3.3volt.
You don’t get opto isolation though.

They make them. You just need to search a bit since the ones without that feature are quite common. Here's one:
I believe this is one too, but I'm not certain: