1 MHz ATTiny85 setting PWM frequency to 200 Hz

Hi all. I am fairly new to Arduino. I am using a low voltage ATTINY85 running at 1 MHz to absolutely minimize power. Does anyone know what the default frequencies are for the PWMs for the Analog Write command for the ATTINY at 1 MHz clock frequency? I am using two PWM outputs at PB0 and PB1. I read in another post that the default PWM frequency is ~62 Hz. I have an LED application which needs to run at 200 HZ. The 200Hz PWM frequency is a compromise between minimizing visual flicker while running slow enough to accommodate relatively slow switched power supplies. The switched power supplies are actually turned on during the "On" part of the PWM duty cycle and off during the "off" part of the PWM duty cycle.
I realize I have to directly write registers to change from the default PWM frequencies but don't have enough knowledge to do this. I searched the forum and have seen some posts with code of the form:

TCCROB=TCCROB & 0b11111001|0X01; or similar.

Thanks for your help.

Timers are not directly supported by Arduino. To understand how to use the various modes of the Timers, it is best to read and understand the microprocessor datasheet. Not easy reading....

ATTiny85 Datasheet

There are some other sources of information, like this....

Nick Gammon Articles on Timers