1 motor + 1 servo Bluetooth r/c car HELP !!

Hiya , im new to arduino and have completed several projects from the kit i brought .

Its time to progress to making my own R/C car lol

im struggling finding guidance (code) on an arduino rc car with only 1 motor and servo steering ,maybe its an opening for you youtubers ??? i dont know lol


  • Arduino uno

  • L298N Dual H Bridge motor controller

  • HC-05 bluetooth module

  • 9G Micro Servo

  • Meccano 3/6 Volt Motor

i have made the car and got the servo to steer but no forward and backwards action

A diagram and code would be helpful

if and when i complete my project i will add pictures on here :slight_smile:

There are lots of examples of using the L298N to control a DC motor. Try Google.