1 TOPS RISC-V AI CHIP K210 + ESP32 Arduino-compatible Board For FREE

Hi, We are Sipeed team, We have made an exciting Arduino-compatible Board: MaixDuino
It is based on two main chip:

  1. K210, dual core 400M RISC-V 64bit AI CHIP, total 1TOPS power, able to run mobilenet v1 @ 30fps, 224x224

  2. ESP32, you must know it.

And have dual serial to usb, I2S MIC, speaker, 2.4 inch LCD, 2M pixels camera on board.
We are provide free board to volunteer.

smaple board:

3D new board:

We port littlevgl:

We port KPU(neural network), and run mobilenet well

and We and our fans port nes, GBA, doom, quake I, MMD:
see my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA5bjfsqYWOoZGZ8MYfKVow

It is our project github repo: GitHub - sipeed/Maixduino: Arduino port on Maix board ( k210 )
and our wiki: Introduction · Maixduino DOC

and we also made micropython port, called maixpy: GitHub - sipeed/MaixPy: MicroPython for K210 RISC-V, let's play with edge AI easier

If you are interested in our board and project, and you are the senior arduino fans/developer,
We will provide free MaixDuino free to you.

our requirement: arduino-relate github repo > 50 star; or real awesome arduino based project.
Please let us know you want it.

If you want know more, please view: 欢迎您

or join our telegram group: Telegram: Contact @sipeed

or contact us via: support@sipeed.com