1-way only communication between Flash and Arduino


I'll explain the problem: when i connect Arduino to Flash via TinkerProxy I only get 1-way communication over the Flash-Socket.

When I send some dummy data from Arduino to Flash, everything is ok ( the line in code below Serial.print("No Serial Data"); ) Sending data to Arduino over the same socket fails without any warning.

Arduino Code

void loop(){

  timer ++; // timer is just a little counter used to prints "no serial data" on the serial port every n time )

  if (Serial.available() > 0) {
    char message = Serial.read(); // Works in Serial Monitor but not from Flash
    timer = 0;

  if(timer > timerResetVal){ // enough time has passed
    Serial.print("No Serial Data"); // Flash receives this perfectly
    timer = 0;

I used the examples provided here http://tinker.it/now/2007/05/11/tinkerproxy-for-windows/ ( Flash & Arduino sample files are in the zipfile )

I've disabled my firewall, put in some delays, tried all transferspeeds ( yes, both the same in Arduino & TinkerProxy ) and different portnumbers, but no luck ... Does anybody have any suggestions ?

Thx !

I got the answer from Ubi over at Tinker.it

the tinkerproxy is one way, from serial to socket. this is why you can't talk to the arduino over the socket. we're building another app called serialsocket, but we haven't released it to public yet.

Looks I'll be using SerialProxy ...


look at the software page on the arduino site
there is a software called serialproxy
it’s bi-directional and quite solid

in a few days I hope to release some improvements I have made for a client.


Looking forward !! ;)