1 Wire -> I2C Help

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on a LoRA project transmitting water levels calculated by pressure using an I2C pressure sensor (LINK).

The data is being read using This Library, which has worked wonderfully.

I'm then placing all of my data onto a web server, which is also working great.

I've ran into a snag where I have zero experience and did not have any forethought...which is the distance restrictions of I2C.

The plan now in order to continue using the I2C sensor above is to use a DS28E17( Data Sheet) to go from 1-Wire to the I2C sensor.....I don't know how to do this. I just ordered the converter but figured I would post here in an effort to get a head start for when it arrives.

Would anyone be willing to take a look at how I can use this in order to get a pressure reading sent back to the arduino?

Link -> This seems to be where I should start, but as mentioned I'm not able to test anything until the converter arrives.

Also, if this is the wrong area to post I apologize

The link to the forum post shows how to use the DS28E17, so you can send I2C data to the sensor. But there a lot of work for you, you have to write your own library for the sensor that doesn’t use the Wire library but does all that with the DS28E17. Is your project worth that effort? Do you really need the OneWire connection?

I might just have to look into a different pressure sensor that isn't I2C then. The project is worth some effort...but I suppose I'll look at more viable cost effective options before I resort back to this.

I might just have to look into a different pressure sensor that isn't I2C then.

I thinks this is the wrong implication. I2C isn't the problem, the OneWire connection is the problem. Why do you think you need that?

what is the length of cable which is causing the problems with I2C ?
have you considered using a I2C Bus Buffer such as the ISL33002IUZ ?