1-Wire wind instrument

Happy New Year!

I am in need of the older Dallas V2 wind vane no longer built by AAG. I can’t use any wireless stuff because of a 10,000 watt AM radio station less than a 1/2 mile from my house. It even kills my wireless LAN and the 1-wire is very marginal even with shielded cat6. If any one has one new or used that they would like to part with, let me know. Will pay a reasonable price plus shipping. The one I have finally died after 8+ years.


It is probably a long shot, but you might want to monitor Hack-A-Day’s Classified ads:

Faraday cage over the house ?

I got mine used on EBAY. I guess I was lucky.

I found 1 on Ebay but the guy wants $150 for it. He says it is marked as a special edition??? I have been using 1 wire since it was born. Never saw a special edition anemometer from Dallas Semi.

Considering this thread is the number one Google result for 1 wire wind instrument special edition… I’d say he’s full of shit

Aren’t (some of???) the Davis Instruments weather stations 1-wire systems?

I’ve never been able to find proof of that online. Maybe I’ve just been wording my queries wrong, but I’ve been very surprised not to find any internals info on them. But their use of telephone-style wiring suggests it.

But, even if they aren’t, you could use the mechanics from one as a base for a 1-wire anemometer.

Another possibility would be to put something like an ATTiny in the anemometer, and send the data using RS-422. I’m thinking (perhaps erroneously) that pretty much all the noise from the radio station would wind up being common-mode, so the data would get through reliably.