10 - 15MHz adjustable freqency function generator

Hi All,
I need to build a project around a
10MHz to 15MHz Adjustable frequncy function generator.
Are there any shields out there that can do something like this?
Similarly, should I pick a particular arduino to do this task?

I have a feeling my Arduino UNO will not do.

Cannot do this directly with an Arduino, do some research into Phase Lock Loops.

If you only want square or sine wave you can use the AD9850 modules the work up to around 40mhz (actually they go higher but the output is less)
Look on eBay there are plenty of AD9850 modules.

However if you want other waveform types e.g. sawtooth or triangular you'd need to find another module

None of the Arduino's e.g. even the Due or Yun is going to be able to output waveforms at those sorts of frequencies, as you need 10 fold oversampling, so min clock speed would need to be 150mhz of data, which would mean you need a very fast processor indeed, e.g. I suspect well over 500mhz to do this in code.

Im not sure what IC it uses, but you may be able to work out how to control something like this


For $15 he should by it just to see if he can replace the pots with DAC voltage output driving a voltage follower OP AMP .

Im not sure your link would work at

10MHz to 15MHz

I think dedicated hardware would be required e.g some sort of DDS IC

The DAC only has to supply dc voltage (0 to x V) to replace the pots on the DDS module that you linked.
You can use 2- Pole OP AMP LP Filter with a voltage follower to smooth out the voltage going to the DDS module.
If it uses 5V you use MCP4262 Digital Pots.

The DAC only has to supply dc voltage (0 to x V) to replace the pots on the DDS module that you linked


OK. I see what you mean.

Perhaps one of those "digital Potentiometer" IC would also do the same job

I was thinking that I bet the function generator used some IC that had either SPI or I2C interface that could directly be driven by the Arduino but of course that would require a lot more coding that just replacing the pots :wink: