10-30V sensor?

I would like to use a Datalogic S62 laser sensor with an Arduino. As you can see in the data sheet, it operates with 10V to 30V. How do I best connect the sensor?

Is it correct to use an external 12V source, connect it to the “0V” and “10…30V” pins and then connect a digital read pin of the Arduino with “N.O. OUTPUT” of the sensor via a BSS138 logic level converter? The low level being driven with Arduino’s 5V and common ground to the 12V source. …or should I use other means to switch voltage?

AFAIK the NO/NPN/sinking pin is an NPN transistor switch to ground.
It should have NO voltage on it (both states).
Measure that before you connect it to an Arduino digital input pin.

In pinmode, use INPUT_PULLUP to enable the internal pullup resistor.

Make sure you DON’T use the NC/PNP/sourcing output.
That output has the sensors supply voltage on it (in one state) that will damage the Arduino pin.