10 LED Light Meter

I just finished my first fully designed and coded from scratch project. I’m about a week into my “I own an Arduino” phase and I’m loving it already. Who knew this would be so addicting. Details and Pictures as followed. (Note: I know this is a simple project, but us newbies get easily excited)

Circuit Details:
-10 LEDS consisting of 3Red, 3Yellow, 3Green, 1Blue (reds being low light, Blue being max)
-LDR Sensor, using the original values it puts out with a general range of 400-800
-On/Off Button on main board
-DIY 9v power adapter

The code is kind of long, I will post it if there is demand, as I never mind having my code cleaned up by pros.





and Jesus all mighty, I forgot how huge the pictures my Rebel Xsi took. Sorry guys.

This is really nice.
And you can edit images later on, modify your original message than reattached again in smaller size -);

Thanks. Yeah I will do that tomorrow. I've already been thinking of potential other ideas to start on.