10 pin straight connector for ribbon cable?

Does anyone know of a place that sells 10pin straight connectors for ribbon cable? Or a premade piece like 3in? I can't seem to find anything other than 5x2 I could use multiple 5 pin but I would really like a 10pin connector, I even looked on manufacturer website like molex trying to find it

The only 10-pin 0.1" header connector I remember seeing was two rows of 5 pins in a solid plug. I guess you want 10 pins in a line. I've never seen that. I guess you could superglue two 5-pin plugs together? It'd need a keen eye to spot the join.

That's probably what I will end up doing but I can't believe how hard it is to find such a thing,

Ribbon cable is on 0.05in centres, but there is, less commonly, 0.1in ribbon cable. Anyway, the 0.05in was made for the IDC/2-row regime. There are available 0.1in shells available - Molex "C-Grid". They are my favourite. You have to buy the shells, and the contacts (there are female contacts and male pins, too), and a crimping tool.