100% lost on stepper motor and driver

Motor is a Mitsumi Step Motor m68sp-1

And driver is a UCN5804B http://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/55138/ALLEGRO/UCN5804B.html

Friend gave me these part's to experiment with and following a weird guide that says motor is from a commodore 64

Call yellow A, black B, orange C, and brown D. To rotate the motor in one direction, ground (in turn), A, B, C, D (one at a time). For the other direction, the sequence is A, D, C, B.

I can get it to spin forward but not backwards (it tries but it takes a step forward then a step back kinda thing)

and i cant figure out how to hook it up to the control driver

What hardware are you using to interface the motor with your arduino? Are you using any of the stepper motor libraries available?

i may be in the wrong area of forum i was just wondering where the pins connect to on the driver

I don't own an arduino yet but will soon

Do you have the ground from your Vcc Supply connected to the ground of the +5V you use for step input & direction? (You should)

Good luck!