100 psi pressure sensor


I'm new here and I have found same kind of problems but none of them is helping me. :confused:

Problem is to get 0.5 - 4.5 v pressure sensor (three wires, GND, 5v, and signal) show me PSI. I have four of them in my air ride system. Arduino is connected to tablet with HC-06 bt.

Sensor is linear 0v = 0psi, 4.5v = 100psi.


Sensos are connected to 5v supply, GND and analog in A1-A4.

Analog is giving me 0-1023, sensor 0.5-4.5v but how to get them together to PSI.

Can anyone make this working? ;D

EDIT: Something went right and this is working now!


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Tom.. :slight_smile:


EDIT: Something went right and this is working now!

It would be better if you posted a new message saying that, rather than go back and embed it in your first message.
What was the solution?