10000 watt flashlight

Hi! I've been searching for led flash light, I keep seeing this 10,000 watts led flashlight powered by 1 18650 batt. What do they mean 10,000 watts, do they really mean 10,000? is that possible?

Err, no!

Mind you, it depends on what you mean by a “flashlight”.

A 10 joule photoflash, if it discharges in 1 millisecond, will in fact produce 10 kW during that 1 millisecond, and of course can readily be powered (charged) by batteries.


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This says they exist so it must be true.

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Note the extra handle so you don't burn yourself on the case.

Do you get spare batteries to reload every 10 seconds?


That's the flashlight im talking about lol

Two 18650 batteries!


Whatttttt I whant too sseee thhatt (Trans: Thas crazy) :astonished:

maybe more of 10000 Lumen, odds be just a sale rep typo that has no clue on Volts/Amps/Watts

Probably 10,000 picoamps.