100ft "Drag Strip" with Arduino?

Hello everyone! First post on here, but not my first time on here.

I am currently working on a project that is something along the lines of a mini drag strip. It will be used for a go-kart where someone drives off and a timer starts and then crosses a finish line about 100 feet down the road and the timer stops and displays the total time between the timers.

I currently have an Arduino UNO and I was wondering what the easiest way to go about it would be? I would like to for it to be a wired setup, but if I must go wireless, I will. As for the setup I was thinking about, I was looking into this:

USB Power & Data Signal Extender - 30+ meters / 100+ feet

Essentially, it’s a really long cable that can transmit data over 100ft, which is kind of what I need, but I also need to get data from the start line as well as the finish line, so this product will only allow me to connect to one of the ends as opposed to getting data from both the start and finish simultaneously.

I am looking to have just a simple momentary switch that the go-kart can run over (safely and consistently, of course) at each start and finish line which will transmit a simple on/off signal.

My ideal set up would be a flapper that the kart runs over at each end with a momentary switch on each flapper with really long wires (maybe 50ft each so I can be in the middle of the “strip” off to the side) joining into an Arduino and I can see the time on my laptop after the 2nd button is triggered and the timer stops.

My concern is that the wires will not transmit far enough to each end (start/finish) from the Arduino to the switches and back with just the power from the Arduino itself. Any suggestions to overcome this possible issue? I haven’t tried it yet, this is just theory, but I need to make a shopping list of the stuff I may need to get in order to accomplish this.

Thanks, guys!

You might use IR beam sensors like THESE:

Some How-To HERE:

You can probably use CAT5 ethernet cable for 5V power and Signal from the remote sensors.

“Real” drag strips use light beam sensors…

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I don't know how much 100ft of cable + mounting may cost (I assume it depends a lot on whether it is an indoor or outdoor cable). Radio communication between start/stop lines might be more convenient.

A simple on/off RF link should be OK - but datalink devices such as the nrf2401 have an inherent delay due to their protocol.

but good enough to a mS or, I guess.... regards