101 under Pi IDE

Id like straight forward instructions (that's easy and unambiguous) on how to find and install the (I assume beta) IDE upgrade that gives me access to the 101.

I could not follow the marcusobrien thread on the subject.


Hi BillS101,
first of all, the most difficult part is getting the toolchain, which is not released for the ARM architecture.
You'll need to compile it yourself using these instructions.
Then, you need to download dfu-utils (via the RPi package manager, the 101 core and arduino101load .
After you downloaded everything, simply change the paths in "platform.txt" to match your tools location, move the core package in ~/Arduino/hardware and everything will work.
I understand it's not an easy task I wrote it down nevertheless so someone, if finds it interesting, could use this posts as a starting point to produce a user friendly package.

I'll enlist some buddies to collaborate.
Any idea when we may see 101 support in the IDE?