10A Motor Shield Compatibility Questions & Sensor/Encoder Usage

I am brand new to Arduino and this is my first post to the forum. I am attempting to run a Traxxas Titan 12T 550 Brushed DC Motor with an Arduino UNO and a Cytron 10A Motor Shield (Cytron 10A DC Motor Driver Arduino Shield - RobotShop) My external power for the DC motor comes from a Venom 8.6V NiMH battery pack, and I plan to power my Arduino with another small 9V battery.

So far, I've been able to run and control my motor speed and direction. The end goal of my project is to implement this setup into a vehicle, where I can use either a rotary encoder or a Hall effect sensor to have the vehicle stop at a specific distance (essentially have the motor accelerate and decelerate to where the vehicle comes to a complete stop at, say, 9.6 meters).

  • Does the motor shield make use of both interrupt pins on the UNO, and if so, is there no way that I can use a rotary encoder or Hall effect sensor to track the distance that my vehicle has traveled using interrupts?

  • Are there any other recommended ways to accomplish this task?

Any help is appreciated!

As far as I can see the board only needs to use one of the Uno's PWM pins and another pin for direction control. That should leave the two external interrupt pins (pins 2 and 3) free for other purposes. I think it uses pin 3 for PWM by default, but you can change that. My only knowledge of this is from reading the user manual in the link you gave.

A PP3 style 9v battery is not much use as it can't provide enough current. I suggest using a pack of 6xAA cells.