10CL016Y(stuffed) vs 10CL025Y(in schematic)

Hello All,

Just curious - why is the 10CL025Y in the schematic vs. the 10CL016Y being what is stuffed?

I did a search - didn't really find anything on this. Of course, my searching foo may not be up to

John W.

And this part is really small: SMLP34RGB2W3.

I see the FPGA P/N issue has been logged obviously on github.

And, no u.FL (J10) but on-board antenna.

Hi jwestmoreland,

an old answer from Dario :

> Hi,
> Initial offering is with a 16kle device, however we designed the board to accommodate also the bigger 25kle device. That is just a provision and right now we don't have a schedule to release the bigger one but it really depends on demand.

Here's the related issue report on GitHub:

Thanks philippe and pert - I see that now.

John W.