10pin (2x5) header for I2C pinout?

I'm putting together a PCB and would like to add a 2x5 pin header for I2C & power communication. It's easy to find / make 10 pin ribbon cables. Here's the pinout I'm planning to use, but is there a common pinout for I2C over a 2x5 header?

I2C 5x2 header power 5V & I2C bus

1 SCL 2 GND 3 SDA 4 5V 5 IRQ Open Collector 6 5V 7 5V 8 GND 9 GND 10 GND

I don't remember where I picked this up from but it was on a schematic for a SD card interface.

gnd-----1 2-----gnd 3.3------3 4-----3.3 5--------5 6-----5 SDCS---7 8-----SDCS MOSI---9 10-----MOSI SCK----11 12----SCK MISO--13 14----MISO gnd----15 16-----gnd

it was using a 2x8 header.