10V Arduino Powering 2.3" 7 Segment

So I have these 2.3" 7 segment displays and according to the variable DC power supply I have, they need to draw between 200-350 mA and need 10v to run.

I tried hooking up the display to another power supply, and using the arduino to sink the current, but the segments wouldn't turn on, even if I plugged a segment in directly to ground.

The displays have a common anode and the arduino can only do 5V.

Any idea how I can use an arduino mega to sink the current?


Transistors or transistor packs or relays. Also some BCD to 7 Segment display will both decode 4 bit numbers and drive the 7 segments.

Investigate these, there's a reason it's a 7 channel darlington array:


A simple BCD to 7 segment display driver may not have enough capacity to drive your display by itself, but coupled with the ULN2003A you should be able to handle both the voltage and current to drive it.

I agree with capt.