11x Dell latitude 830 Bluetooth modules || TRASH??

I found some bluetooth modules (from a dell latitude 830) and would love to know if i can trash them or should save them (btw I'm organizing* my partsbin as it is getting stuffed with stuf like this :P

Offcourse i have some pictures and if you want to try one (and you live in holland) i'll send you one

pic 1 (front & back) pic 2 (front cap removed) pic 3 (all 11)

I would personally keep them, unless you've had them for 6 months and have yet to do anything with 'em. If you want to get rid of them, and you have some kind of flat-rate postal shipping available, I'd take them off your hands for the cost of shipping...?


i would love to use them i just don't know how.

I need a analyzer or something...

I wonder what those ten pins / ten wires are? More than USB, older than PCI express.